Ibraheem Dulmeer, barrister-at-law – www.parkhomeslaw.com – answers some of your frequently asked questions surrounding the legalities of park home living

Individuals who are park home residents or are thinking about purchasing a park home often have questions on specific topics. This can include understanding the intricacies of the paperwork when making the purchase, the rules whilst living on site and also the process during the purchase of a park home. Ibraheem has provided answers to five important questions you should be aware of, and sincerely hopes the reader finds these useful.

Q1: I am buying a park home and I have been told by the site owner/seller that they will deal with the legal paperwork. Is this the right way to buy a park home?

Ibraheem says: Buying a park home is not like buying another residential property like a flat or house. Therefore, it is crucial to receive independent legal advice to ensure:

1. Your financial interests are safeguarded, providing you with the peace of mind we would all want. One would use a property lawyer to oversee the transaction of purchasing a house and the same should apply for purchasing a park home.

2. You avoid lengthy and costly disputes in the future, ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

3. You have the confidence and reassurance when purchasing, which often involves life savings or large cash sums.

It is important to consider that park home legislation is a niche area of law and it is unlikely that your local high street firm will offer this area of expertise.

Q2: What is a written statement?

Ibraheem says: This is the most important document when it comes to owning a park home. It will state your legal right to station your park home on the pitch.

If buying a new park home, site owners are required to issue a written statement 28 days before any agreement for the sale of the mobile home is made, or if there is no such agreement no later than 28 days before the occupation agreement is entered into.
By obtaining legal advice from myself, your best interests are safeguarded and moreover – explained.

Your key responsibilities will be explained, highlighting any onerous terms that you would need to be aware of.

Q3: What are the implied terms?

Ibraheem says: The implied terms are the legal minimum rights and obligations for all park home residents in England and Wales.

The implied terms may include: the park home owner’s indefinite right (if applicable) to live on the site unless the agreement is validly terminated by the site owner. These terms include: the circumstances in which a valid termination may take place and also the park home owner’s right to sell.


Ibraheem Dulmeer, barrister and mediator at Normanton Chambers, is a specialist in park home matters in England and Wales. His expert knowledge and experience in this sector confidently provides individuals or companies with the reassurance and assistance they need. Ibraheem is qualified under the “Direct Public Access Scheme” allowing you to instruct him directly to help you with your purchase, or any other legal matter. Please do not hesitate to contact Ibraheem for an initial consultation on 07939 259924 (mobile), 0300 0300 218 (Chambers) or email info@ibraheemdulmeer.com. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry by using the website www.parkhomeslaw.com
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