Ibraheem Dulmeer barrister-at-law – www.parkhomeslaw.com – answers more of your frequently asked questions surrounding the legalities of park home living

Individuals who are current park home residents or are thinking about purchasing a park home often have questions on specific topics. This can include understanding the intricacies of the paperwork when making the purchase, the rules whilst living on site and also the process during the sale of a park home.

Ibraheem has provided answers to five important questions you should be aware of, and sincerely hopes the reader finds these useful.

Q1: Can a site owner enter a resident’s pitch without notice?

Ibraheem says: Yes, but only in limited circumstances: to deliver written communications and to read any meter for gas, electricity, water sewerage or other services supplied by the site owner.

However, if there is another reason than that stated above, the site owner must give a resident at least 14 clear days’ written notice outlining the date, time and reason for the visit. Of course, this does not apply if the visit is mutually agreed.

Q2: Can a park home resident sublet their home?

Ibraheem says: A park home resident is required to use their park home as their only or main residence. Therefore, in general the answer is, no.

Subletting the park home would usually be a breach of the agreement between you and the site owner and could lead to adverse consequences i.e. the termination of your agreement.



Q3: What happens to the park home and agreement when a park home owner passes away?

Ibraheem says: Should the park home owner pass away, any husband, wife or civil partner would remain on the agreement provided that they were living with the park home owner at the time of death.

In the event that there is no husband, wife or civil partner living with the person, the agreement would be binding upon any family member living with the person at the time of death.
The matter becomes slightly more complex when there is a will that provides that another person inherits the mobile home itself. In such a situation is it advised to seek specific legal advice. to sell.


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