A leading UK site operator has lodged a proposal to turn the site of a former secondary school into a residential park home development. We find out more…

Twenty-four residential park homes are being proposed on the site of a former secondary school in Lincolnshire.

Countrywide Park Homes wants to change the land use at the Lafford High School site, in Billinghay, to accommodate the mobile homes and 38 car parking spaces.

The planning and access statement in support of the proposal said: ‘This type of housing proposed plays an important role in delivering housing across the country, and will bring the following benefits to the district. The units can be erected, sited, serviced and occupied much quicker than traditional bricks-and-mortar housing.

‘They require limited groundworks, and the noise and general disturbance during the implementation/construction phase is much less as because a large proportion of the construction work is undertaken off-site. In addition to this they will add to the variety of housing stock in the district, providing low cost single-storey accommodation that is rarely provided by volume housebuilders, adding choice for those who either require or prefer this type of accommodation.’

The school closed in 2010 and was subsequently demolished. Outline planning permission was granted in 2018 to redevelop part of the site for 16 homes, which has since expired. The new park homes proposal could see a developer contribution of £102,000 to local education, if approved.

The NHS is looking for a developer contribution of £15,180 to mitigate the potential impact on health services from an estimated patient increase of 55 based on the number of homes at the park.

North Kesteven District Council has received a letter from residents of West Street, Billinghay, citing concerns about parking and waste disposal and that the proposal would not address the need for affordable housing for younger people in the village.

Countrywide Park Homes said the development would add variety to the type of housing stock available in the area.