The way park home residents’ monthly pitch fee levels in England are calculated is set to change significantly. We find out more…

The inflationary metric used to determine park home owners’ annual pitch charges is almost certain to change from the higher Retail Prices Index (RPI) figure to the lower Consumer Prices Index (CPI) number.

At present, residential park home owners in England have their monthly pitch fees – the charge paid to their site owner for the right to station their mobile home on his/her land – adjusted once a year, on a set date, in line with the RPI figure at that time.

With inflation currently sky-rocketing, the most recent RPI figure for October 2022 was an eye-watering 14.2 per cent. So, if your pitch fees – sometimes also called plot fees or ground rent – was £200 per month in 2021 and your review date took place on 1 December, your pitch fee would rise by £28.40 a month to £228.40, or by £340.80 a year.

The Park Home Owners’ Justice Campaign (PHOJC) has been lobbying parliament for a number of years on this matter. As we went to press, Conservative MP, Sir Christopher Chope (left), saw his Private Members Bill on this issue fast-tracked through all the necessary stages in just three minutes. The Bill now only needs Royal Assent to become a legally binding Act of Parliament.

Founder of the PHOJC, Sonia McColl OBE (inset), said: ‘It is wonderful that at last residents in England will enjoy a CPI increase to their pitch fees and we will strongly push for it to be fast tracked to Royal Assent.

‘The fact that we have come this far is testament to residents and MPs working together. Whilst Sir Christopher has played his part well, you, the park home residents have also played your part by pressurising Government with copious amounts of letters.

‘Our President, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, has also asked questions in Parliament and written to the Secretary of State.

‘I think it is only fair to say that we have all achieved this together.’

On 28 November, the PHOJC was set to present a giant-sized letter to the Prime Minister and attend a meeting in Westminster with the point of focus moving onto the separate issue of the removal of the 10 per cent commission charge paid to site owners on the sale of park homes.

For more details about the campaign, please visit the PHOJC website at: