We know how much park home residents love nature, and many of you also love to capture the flora and fauna you come across on your parks.
Some parks, like The Elms, in Torksey, Lincolnshire, even combine the two, organising monthly nature photography competitions and sharing residents’ best efforts on their fantastic Facebook page.

Check out these superb photos from Christine and Steve Bailey and Gordon Stevenson! Steve and Christine managed to capture a range of birdlife including herons, pheasants and swans, while Gordon snapped some seriously cute baby blue tits on the feeder. We should stress that these are just a selection of some of the amazing nature photography many of The Elms’ residents have put out there. Visit the park’s Facebook page to see more: https://www.facebook.com/elmsretirement

The Elms occupies a superb rural setting alongside the canal at Torksey Locks in Lincolnshire. The park is like a small village, comprising of 339 homes spread over 65 acres, with plenty of open space which boasts three ponds and a woodland walk.

Cove Communities UK is now the proud owner of the park, which also boasts many eco-awards including: the Honey Bee Friendly Park Award; David Bellamy Hedgerow Awards (five in five years); the David Bellamy Woodlands Award (five in five years); and the David Bellamy Conservation Gold Award 2020/21. Now that’s pretty special! For more information on the park, please visit the website at: www.cove.co.uk/theelms