Barrister and mediator Ibraheem Dulmeer from examines how mediation in park home matters – done correctly – can often help resolve long-standing disputes that can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety…

Mediation is a key form of Alternative Dispute Resolution which is both time- and cost- effective. Mediation may help park home owners and site owners move their legal matters forward, especially taking into consideration lengthy court delays. It is no secret that court time can often be stretched and cases can sometime take a long time to be heard.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a meeting or series of meetings – joint and private – between those involved in a dispute, chaired by an independent mediator to assist in reaching a joint resolution, proposed and agreed by the participants.

Mediation is a quick, and potentially more cost-effective, approach to resolving disputes. Importantly, in the current climate, it is something that can be completed remotely. Participants reach their own decisions and do not have a declaration forced upon them (by a court or tribunal). Participants can also find that ‘owning’ the process is empowering. Each mediation is unique and always flexible, allowing participants to express themselves and be heard in a fully safe environment.

A mediator can bring an impartial and a fresh mind to the process and to matters that demand clarity, especially when they are very complex or have been ongoing for several months or even years. Mediation encourages alternative thinking; arguments are heard without certain parties’ agendas.

Moreover, if the mediator has knowledge of the sector in dispute, this encourages deep questioning, which helps lead to alternative thinking, often resulting in participants creating new ideas for a settlement.

The mediation process allows participants to discuss their real needs, their weaknesses and why a resolution would be beneficial. While these needs may not be central to the dispute at the time, they can be of significant importance and will give the other party an opportunity to further understand the matter of dispute. Each participant may have different requirements that can fit into a final resolution without compulsion.



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