Barrister and mediator Ibraheem Dulmeer from explains how site rules on residential parks operate in practice

Site rules ensure that acceptable standards are maintained on the park site for the general benefit of its occupiers (park home owners). They are intended to promote community cohesion on the park site.

It is important to be aware that there is no legal obligation to introduce rules about how park sites are run. However, if a site owner chooses to do so, a strict procedure must be followed for residential park home sites. Such prescribed procedure can be found in the Mobile Homes Site Rule Regulations (“Regulations”).

If the site rules procedure prescribed by the Regulations has been observed, the site owner must register and/or deposit the site rules with the Local Authority.

A Local Authority must retain a register of the site rules, which is available to the public and must be published online. Once the site rules are registered, the site rules should be treated as express terms of the Agreement with the site owner. This highlights the importance of understanding the site rules by obtaining legal advice before buying a park home. Failure to comply with the site rules could result in you being in breach of your Agreement.

The process of establishing site rules
In summary, the site rule making procedure requires notification of the proposal to every occupier or Qualifying Residents’ Association (“consultees”) on site to enable any representations to be made within a limited time.

A duty is then imposed upon the site owner to address any representations received and to publish the response, notifying consultees as to whether or not they have decided to implement the proposal.


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