Keen to extend its high quality standards into new areas, long-established home manufacturer Omar Park & Leisure Homes has recently launched its own refurbishment company so that owners of older homes can also benefit from its professional workmanship. Steve Rowe took the chance to find out more about this new service…

One of the biggest dilemmas facing anybody who wants to renovate their park home or holiday home is finding a good quality builder that they can rely on. There are now quite a few refurbishment companies specialising in the park home sector, but how do you know which ones you can trust?

Of course, word of mouth is usually your best bet and, if people you know; perhaps other residents on your park, have had work done to their homes and recommend their particular builder, then this is usually a good starting point.

Good reputation
Aware of the importance of a having a good reputation, established manufacturer Omar, which has over 50 years’ experience of building park homes and lodges, recently took the decision to start its own home refurbishment company to carry out work on older homes from any manufacturer.

Of course, taking on the refurbishment of an older home is always going to be different from building a brand new home in a factory, but Omar is keen to build on its experience of manufacturing and quality control systems to launch a home refurbishment company with an equal focus on quality and customer service. Plus, the company’s background in manufacturing also means that it has access to the best materials at the keenest prices.

From the point of view of any home owner who employs Omar Refurbishment Services to carry out work, they will also have the peace-of-mind that an established company is taking on the work; one that has a reputation to maintain and really understands the build standards of park homes and lodges.

What work is undertaken?
The company offers a wide range of refurbishment services, giving customers the opportunity to have a single task undertaken, such as having new guttering and drainpipes fitted, or choosing to undertake a major refurbishment project on their home which might include a new roof and reclad exterior, as well as a new fitted kitchen and bathroom on the inside.

The type of work undertaken by the company covers many areas. For example, when it comes to exterior work, as well as fitting new roofs and fitting new guttering/drainpipes/soffits, the company can also fit new uPVC windows and doors, giving you the chance to perhaps add a set of French doors in place of an old window in your lounge or dining room.

The company can also add a conservatory or garden room to your home, or add an entrance porch. On a more technical level, Omar can also refurbish your home’s metal chassis, as well as adding insulation throughout your home, to help with heat loss as well as keeping the home cooler in summer. You can also have your home’s exterior finish upgraded, perhaps with a simple coat of protective paint, or a full exterior recladding, with modern cladding materials.

Interior work
Moving on to your home’s interior, Omar Refurbishment Services can also transform your kitchen or bathroom, again using its experience of building brand new homes.

You could opt for a snazzy modern kitchen or a classic traditional one, to give your home an all-new look, with modern appliances.

The same also applies when it comes to bathrooms and shower rooms, where the company can upgrade your existing bathroom, or perhaps even add a whole new en suite shower room to an existing bedroom, moving walls around in the process.

Quality commitment
As proof of its commitment to high quality, the company fully guarantees all of its work, using quality materials throughout. It also promises competitive prices and will give a free, no-obligation quote. If you are thinking of having some refurbishment work done on your home, it’s well worth giving the company a call for both a free quote and the ability to discuss the work with a professional who can give you their expert opinion.

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