If you didn’t think you could add a wood burning or multi-fuel stove to a lodge or park home, then it’s time to think again, as they can add the perfect cosy touch! Bring that warm sense of contentment that only a wood-burning stove can provide, coupled with Scandinavian style to your residential or holiday home. Just ask the Danes; they know their wood burners better than anyone. We asked Morsø UK to explain why they make the perfect addition

What kind of buildings do you put the burners in, and why are they now appearing in more lodges and park homes?

Over ten years ago Morsø found themselves fitting more and more stoves into canal / narrow boats. We understood the difference in the installs and flue systems used compared to residential homes. We wanted this to be done in the appropriate manner and safety was key. The newly developed flue system is now a near standard chimney on narrow boats. We believe there is a similarity in the park homes and leisure industry. The stoves and flues are suitable for installation into lodges, caravans, yurts, huts and glamping structures. In fact, Morsø has a long history of working with other industries/markets, both here in the UK and further afield to ensure the highest standards of safety and end user satisfaction. We have received increasing numbers of enquiries as to the suitability of woodburners to be installed in park homes and lodges. This is why we have joined the NCC (the National Caravan Council) to ensure our products comply with British Standards for use in the park home and leisure industry.

By correctly installing a Morsø approved product and flue kit, a lodge owner ensures they have complied with all relevant regulations and safety requirements.

Q Doesn’t the flue get too hot?
The Cabin Flue system is a twin-walled insulated flue system designed to maintain flue gas temperatures and deliver significantly improved performance on shorter flues. It delivers a more aesthetically pleasing installation. By being insulated, clearance to combustible materials for the flue is reduced to 60mm.

Q Do they need to stand on anything special?
All Morsø stoves are 12mm hearth compatible. This means that any of the Morsø range can be placed on hearth constructed of 12mm non-combustible material. If it can support the weight of the stove you are good to go, with glass, granite and tiles being popular choices.

Q Do they need a guard around them?
A guard is not necessarily essential. However, if children are present or the lodge is being sub-let it is preferable that the option to use one is made available. Morsø have a foldable guard that can be easily stored when not in use and suitably secured to a wall fixing when in use.

Q How much clear space do they need around them?
As a part of EN 13240 all our stoves are independently tested for distances to combustibles and are detailed in our brochures. All the models selected for the Morsø Cabin Range are convection stoves rather than a radiant stove. This means there is an extra skin around the stove body (unlike a radiant stove) so as well as giving improved heat circulation throughout the property the distance to combustible materials is also reduced.

Q What checks have been carried out to ensure these are safe in a park or leisure home?
Except for the narrowing of the flue, which is essential for the improved performance on a shorter flue all aspects of the installation will comply with Building Regulations J. However, document J obviously doesn’t cover the park home and leisure industry. Aspects of the BS are out of date, as such, HETAS are currently involved with reviewing the BS relating to lodges. However, under the BS as with a gas- product manufacturer’s instructions supersede the BS. This is where we have worked with the NCC to ensure that all our literature complies with British Standards, making Morsø the only approved manufacturer/supplier to the park home and leisure industry.

Q What about ventilation, how does that work in a lodge or park home with a Morsø stove?
Most installations won’t require ventilation as these are 4 and 5 kW rated stoves. However, if ventilation is needed, the stove may be fitted with a direct air supply.



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