Matt Cass, managing director of leading insurance broker Parksure, explains what buyers should choose first – their home or their park…

Q: I’m just beginning my park journey: what should I look for first – a park home or a park site?

Matt says: In all the years we’ve been offering home insurance, we’ve noticed that people often go about this the wrong way around. First, they find a home they like, then they look for the park, but that’s not the right way to do it! You may find a home that you love and a park that you set your sights on – only to discover that the park is full and has no spaces for new homes, or that all the show homes are from a different manufacturer to the one you like. So, search for your ideal park first!

After researching parks in magazines like this one, and at industry events like the annual Stoneleigh Show, you should draw up a shortlist of sites and visit them to see which ones tick the most boxes. Make sure you talk to residents on the park for an open and honest opinion of the pros and cons of living on that park. Park living can vary from site to site, so it’s worth asking, even if you suspect they may give you the same answers you received on a different park.

Then, check to see if the site owner is open to you siting a home of your choice. These days, most good park operators with empty plots will willingly work with you to ensure you find a home you’re really happy with. You may even get lucky and find that they have a spare plot available or an older home that’s being sold and can be replaced with the home of your dreams, or you may be happy to choose from what they have available. There’s nothing worse than finding your dream home and your dream park, before finding that the two are not compatible. So, our top tip to avoid disappointment is to look for the park first, then the home (and then, obviously, the home insurance)! Good luck!

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