Paul Baker Insurance Services (PBIS) has announced a new park home insurance discount for residents living on selected parks. The initiative applies to parks that are particularly well managed, well maintained and where residents enjoy an excellent relationship with the park owner or manager.

There are lots of parks that meet these criteria and the scheme will be extended, but initially parks run by the Turners Parks Group and by Michael Ward have met the criteria. Residents on those parks now qualify for a 15 per cent discount on their park home insurance premiums with PBIS.

The discount cannot be claimed retrospectively so existing policyholders of PBIS will have to wait until the next renewal date to qualify.

The discount is not available in addition to the 15 per cent discount PBIS offers to members of park home residents’ associations.

Commenting on the new scheme, Paul Baker, said: ‘We are committed to promoting and rewarding excellence within the park home sector.

‘This new scheme will not only benefit residents lucky enough to live on one of our selected parks, it will also be a ringing endorsement of those parks, their management style, their commitment to continued investment in the quality of their parks and, most importantly, recognition of the courtesy and respect with which they treat their residents.

‘Sadly many park owners fail to reach these exacting criteria.’

If you own a park or live on a park that meets PBIS’s Select Park criteria, please contact Paul Baker on 0800 0385 090 or email