An apprentice plumber at one of the UK’s best-loved mobile home manufacturers has scooped a top award in recognition of her first-class work

Luxury park home and lodge manufacturer Pathfinder Homes’ plumbing apprentice Roxy Hall has won the 2018 Construction and Building Services Apprentice of the Year award in March.

The exclusive ceremony held at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay was planned and presented by South Devon College and was a celebration of the hard work and commitment the apprentices show working within different industries across the area. The ceremony looks to recognise this hard work and in total, 35 apprentices were shortlisted in over 18 categories, as well as 27 employers who were also nominated for categories.

Pathfinder Homes’ plumbing apprentice Roxy initially started out as a hairdresser, having qualified through college, however after 3 years in the trade, decided that dressing luscious locks just wasn’t for her and began her search for pastures new. Talking with the creative team at Pathfinder Homes, Roxy explained that she knew she wanted to learn a new trade, and enjoyed hands on practical work, with either mechanics or plumbing being the best options and after considering both, decided that plumbing was of more interest to her and was the career she wanted to pursue.


After making the decision to become a Plumber, Roxy enrolled in an apprenticeship scheme at South Devon College in Paignton, the town that she lives in with her young son. As part of her apprenticeship she attends college once a week, spending the other 4 days on site at Pathfinder Homes.

Having initially worked for a different Plumbing firm, Roxy moved to Pathfinder Homes in the summer of 2017. Prior to the award ceremony Roxy was asked how it felt to do plumbing at college, with plumbing not being a stereotypical or standard choice for most girls. She said: ‘I knew that I wanted to do a hands on & practical job because that’s what I enjoy, and I didn’t really mind how it was perceived because I wanted to show people that I was able to do something that people didn’t normally associate with females.’

Roxy was also quizzed on what she does most at work, adding: ‘I spend most of my time working on second fixes, and occasionally first fixes, but what I enjoy most is using my knowledge to come up with solutions to issues & problems which, sometimes can occur.’


We caught up with Roxy after the awards ceremony to find out how she was feeling after winning her award. Roxy explained: ‘I was very pleased to have won the award. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to win and was just really pleased to have been nominated and invited the ceremony.’

When asked what she felt was most pleasing about her award she added: ‘The fact that I’d change employment and career was a bit of a risk, but winning this award shows that the risk has paid off.’

Victoria Phillips, the HR manager at Pathfinder Homes, who attended the award ceremony with Roxy, said: ‘I was really pleased for her, I felt like a proud parent”, “It’s great that she is representing our company, however her success is completely down to her own hard work and personal ambition.’


Pathfinder Homes have been building bespoke park and holiday homes for over 50 years. Dedicated and knowledgeable, the Pathfinder team are passionate about creating individual homes and individual interiors to exacting standards, designed in partnership with the park or park home owner to make the home as individual as the owner.


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