Are you frustrated that in recent times only bad news ever seems to hit the newspapers and national news websites?

Leading specialist park home web portal Park Home Living – – has attempted to remedy the situation by showcasing more ‘good news’.

Founder Pauline Bruton explained: ‘We wanted to show that there are thousands and thousands of very happy and contented park home owners enjoying the park home lifestyle.’

Following on from the company’s highly successful Facebook Page, ‘Static Caravans and Lodges For Nice People’, it was decided to publish a similar Facebook page for residential park homes owners.

Pauline continued: ‘We look forward to our members showing photographs of their park homes and gardens, the views they have, the tweaks they have made to make it their own and the dogs enjoying life in the garden! ‘They talk about things they have done, what’s on in their area, what attracted them to the park, social events and all sorts of things.’

The new website differs from Park Home Living’s existing Park Home Forum and will deal with any problematical issues to something a little lighter; the chat over the garden fence as it were.

It aims to offer a user-friendly platform for uploading images of all the fun things about park home living.
This is also a group for those contemplating a purchase of a park home and those looking to get through the buying process. Advertising park homes for sale, either new or secondhand, is not permitted.

Pauline concluded: ‘Please join in and tell your friends and let’s show the world that hundreds of park owners have very happy and contented residents!

‘This is a closed group. You need to request to join and you need to have a Facebook profile to do so. This is all about sharing and becoming part of a community, almost like an extended chat room. With 154 members in just the first week, we think it is going to be very popular!’

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