As part of its drive to provide the best possible service, Park Homes Scotland Ltd has recently invested £4,000 in a special thermal imaging camera, to help detect damp in park home wall structures.

Park Homes Scotland Ltd was specifically set up to offer help and advice to both Scottish home buyers and park owners, as well as providing other crucial services such as home maintenance and repair.

As part of its pioneering work in the latter area, the organisation purchased the thermal imaging camera.
The camera works by detecting infrared radiation, which is different depending on the temperature of a surface, with any damp patches being cooler than the surrounding areas. Using this machine, it is possible to detect damp within a wall structure that may not even be visible on the outer surface of the wall.

This enables the team at Park Home Scotland Ltd to fully appraise a property, getting a good understanding of exactly what work is needed so that they can give an exact quote to the customer.

Park Homes Scotland Ltd is at:
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