The phrase ‘gone to the dogs’ has a positive meaning for once, as Shrewsbury-based Morris Leisure has just raised £15,000 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity, through a series of events and fundraising activities.

In partnership with sister companies, Morris Lubricants and GB Lubricants, Morris Leisure is delighted with the total, having originally set themselves a £10,000 target. The companies signed up for one of the Guide Dogs for the Blind’s ‘Learn’ packages, which involves adopting and naming a guide dog puppy and funding its two-year programme of training and development. The name chosen for the companies’ adopted guide dog is, naturally, Morris.

Sharne Kirkwood, corporate partnerships executive at Guide Dogs for the Blind, thanked the three companies for their “amazing support”.

“Their fundraising will pay for the first two years of training for a guide dog puppy. £10,000 will go to support Morris from birth, throughout his first year with his puppy walking family, exploring the world and then going on to train and qualify as a life-changing guide dog in his second year. The other £5,000 will support the equipment Morris will need, such as the iconic white harness as well as the matching process and final qualification training with a person who is blind or partially sighted.