The current health crisis and lock-down has dealt a devastating blow for the tourism industry, both in the UK and abroad, with different opinions as to how things will unfold. Speaking about the effect in his part of the UK, Andrew Campbell, chairman of the Wales Tourism Alliance commented, “In reality, there are no words that can express the dilemma that we are all in. Our sympathy is first and foremost with all those who are having to deal with the virus, either because they have been directly touched by it in some way or they are dealing with it on the front line.

“For tourism it is difficult at this moment to find clarity and solid ground, but what we do know for sure is tourism has changed. Not just for Wales, but for all countries across the world. Problems and challenges that we are grappling with are being shared globally.

“The support and recognition given to our industry by central government has exceeded expectations and we must be grateful for financial measures put in place. At a time when many businesses face closure, with significant loss of jobs, government intervention, if it is delivered effectively and efficiently, will, we hope, ensure survival for many, although we recognise not all. Whilst there is still much to do to protect businesses, we must build on the lifeline given

“Finally, rest assured the WTA has been working hard on behalf of businesses to represent tourism interests, to highlight current problems. Whilst lobbying has been successful, more support is needed to safeguard our industry, particularly those who face immediate cash flow crises.

“While we recognise the limitations of the system, it is a high priority for businesses to be able to access monies from support packages quickly. The challenge is going to be to help businesses survive and also to be ready and prepared for the recovery after the virus abates.”