Wyldecrest Parks, which owns 47 residential and holiday sites across the UK, has announced that it will sponsor and host the 2018 Fly Casting World Championship at one of its premier parks.

The Fly Casting World Championship, a bi-annual event held in August, will take place at Port Haverigg Marina Village, in Cumbria. The championship is a six discipline competition: five distance casting events and one accuracy casting event. In total, there will be 36 medals for the taking.

‘I can’t picture a better scenario and location to stage this reputable world-class event,’ said Alfie Best, Wyldecrest Parks’ chairman.

This breathtaking park boasts an outstanding 200-acre freshwater lake right next to the sea. The park is currently under a massive development and upgrade programme that includes a brand new luxury leisure complex being built alongside the caravans and lodges already available.

The site has also recently become Cumbria’s first and only WakePark and one of only very few in the UK that runs both boat and cable boat towed sports.

‘We are in no doubt that our site has the world class facilities required to host such a prestigious competition and we also have the ancillary facilities on site to welcome large numbers of both competitors and spectators alike to make the championship a benchmark for years to come,’ said Michael Wilds, the company’s senior holiday sales manager.

For more information on the park, or any other in the Wyldecrest family, please contact Wyldecrest on 0844 567 0011.