We find out more about a discount scheme that could help some park home residents receive more than £100 towards their winter fuel bills…

Park Home residents could be eligible to receive £140 towards the cost of their winter energy bill.

Park Home residents can now apply by calling 0330 555 9424 or by visiting www.parkhomeswhd.com.

The Warm Home Discount scheme was introduced by the Government in 2011 to help low income households pay for their winter energy usage.
However, the scheme originally excluded the vast majority of park home residents as they do not usually have direct contact with an energy supplier as they purchase their energy directly from the park owner.

In 2015 a park home pilot scheme was launched to include park home residents and, as the pilot was successful, the programme was rolled out nationally in 2016 and is now in its third year.

Managed by Charis, the scheme is endorsed by both the National Association of Park Home Residents (NAPHR) and the Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS).

Permanent Park Home residents can apply for the £140 payment if they are billed for their energy usage by their park owner.

For more information to find out if you qualify or to apply, please telephone 0330 555 9424 or go to the website at www.parkhomeswhd.com.