A fraudster pretending to represent Park Home Chassis Services (PHCS) has been spotted on an Essex parkt

The industry’s leading park home chassis specialist has warned residents to be on their guard against fraudsters.

Cathi Foale, of Park Home Chassis Services (PHCS), issued the warning after a man was spotted wandering around an Essex park, knocking on doors looking for refurbishment work, while attempting to pass off PHCS leaflets as his own.

The incident took place at Tingdene Parks’ owned Castlehill Park, in Clacton-on-Sea, and was reported to PHCS by the site’s manager Mr Enderson.

Cathi explained: ‘There was a man walking round with a clipboard saying he worked for PHCS, knocking on people’s doors.

‘Mr Enderson became suspicious and called us as he did not believe the man was and legitimate and wanted this confirmed.

‘The fraudster arrived in a white van and had our leaflets! Unfortunately, no registration was taken otherwise I’d have called the police.’

Cathi pointed out that all bone fide PHCS engineers are uniformed, arrive on-site in proper marked vans and would never cold call at somebody’s home.

‘We generally do not go around leafletting,’ explained Cathi. ‘But if we do, we are always in proper uniform with branding.’

If you see anything suspicious on your park, you should always alert the park owner or manager, and if this is not possible, or you are more concerned, call the police.

To reassure residents, Cathi added that they can call her company if they see anybody on their site purporting to be from PHCS and they are not sure about them.

For further information on Park Home Chassis Services Ltd please call 0118 984 3107 or 0333 456 3056. Alternatively, you can email info@parkhomechassis.co.uk or visit the website at www.parkhomechassis.co.uk.