With the help of some interesting case studies, barrister and mediator Ibraheem Dulmeer, of Park Homes Law – www.parkhomeslaw.com – explains how mediation can sometimes be preferable to litigation…

With a wealth of experience relating to all matters involving park homes, barrister and mediatorr Ibraheem Dulmeer, of Park Homes Law, knows better than most just how invaluable resolution without the need for court action can be. Having several years of specialist experience, he shares his clients’ experiences, which outline the benefits of resolving matters outside of a courtroom.

Where appropriate, dispute resolution bodes well for all involved. If applied correctly, dispute resolution can save time and be cost effective. The purpose of this article is to highlight real life examples of cases that have been dealt with by Ibraheem, where parties worked collaboratively to achieve a compromise and/or reach a desired outcome. Ibraheem also provides an example of clients who obtained advice and decided against purchasing a park home.

Ibraheem’s involvement can help to: (a) understand and clarify your legal position; (b) understand the site owner’s position; and (c) work towards a resolution. This article discusses three cases where Ibraheem helped his clients achieve a suitable outcome…

Case study A
A couple living in a park home in England felt intimidated and harassed by park management, which was having a big impact on their lives. They felt backed into a corner as matters reached a head and simply wanted to go back to enjoying their park home and their life.

With Ibraheem’s assistance and guidance, they were able to resolve matters with the management and site owner in a non-acrimonious way to their satisfaction. The key to this was, by understanding their legal position, they were able to work with Ibraheem who drafted correspondence to the site owner on their behalf. As a result, the site owner ensured that the residents’ feelings and legal position on the matter were taken into consideration. This led to all issues being resolved.

The outcome
‘We are pleased to advise you that our problems with the park management have now ceased. This is all good news to us and would not have been achieved without your professional expertise and, in particular, your knowledge of the park home laws. We are extremely grateful and consider it money well spent.

‘After three years of pressure and worry we can now relax and enjoy our retirement. We are quite happy to recommend you to other residents should they find themselves having similar problems. Thank you.’ Mr and Mrs A – October 2022

If you are unsure about your legal position in any park home matter, please get in touch and obtain specific legal advice. Ibraheem Dulmeer is a barrister and mediator at Normanton Chambers, 218 Strand, London, WC2R 1AT. 

Ibraheem may accept instructions directly without requiring a solicitor, as a public access barrister on any park home matter. This means you may instruct him directly.

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