So you’ve found your dream park and the perfect home? Before you sign on the dotted line, park homes barrister Ibraheem Dulmeer – – explores some of the key aspects you should consider…

Living on a residential park site can be idyllic, extremely sought after and attractive, and the vast majoity of those who do consider themselves to be fortunate, leading a peaceful lifestyle that park home living affords.

Park home legislation is a niche area of the law and is not a common specialism in the legal landscape. If the correct advice is not obtained, resolving disputes can be very costly and time-consuming. It is always recommended to seek specialist legal advice before making a decision on a purchase or when trying to resolve any disputes.

This article discusses the three most important factors that prospective park home buyers should be aware of before making this purchase.

Important legal checks
Seek an expert’s opinion: Ibraheem is extremely well regarded in the park home sector and has helped many park home owners with purchasing their dream home, including both brand new bespoke and
pre-owned park homes.

An important question to consider:
Would you risk spending your life savings without independent legal advice?

Similar to seeking legal advice for buying a freehold or leasehold house, the same is advised by the Government for park homes. Please seek independent legal advice to ensure that background checks are completed as well as due diligence on park sites.

Deposit terms
Always understand the terms: A deposit is almost always required to secure a purchase. Understanding the terms is imperative before any sums are paid to the seller. Ultimately, no-one wants to be involved with litigation while trying to recover a deposit. It is both stressful and time-consuming and can end up costing you money to have your deposit refunded.

Obtaining the correct advice will ensure that your terms are reviewed and you will be advised of the nuisances of the terms should you pull out of the purchase. It will avoid your deposit being forfeited and requiring court intervention. Taking the right precautions will without a doubt save future stress.


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