We profile a park home specialist that even offers a long-term home maintenance package to take the worry out of maintaining and repairing your park home…

For many retired people one of the reasons they move to a park home is so that they have less maintenance to worry about, when it comes to both the home and the garden. With their simple, bungalow-style exteriors, park homes are generally easier to maintain than a large traditional-style home, but they do still need regular maintenance.

For example, park homes with painted exteriors will need repainting every few years, plus any woodwork needs maintaining, as well as the chassis and the roof.

Peace of mind
With this in mind, specialist Park Home Shield can offer an ongoing maintenance package for park home owners, costing just £30 per month. For this, home owners get the peace of mind that any maintenance job will be taken care of, for no extra cost.

As part of this package, the company will repaint your park home every four years as well as carrying out a free survey on your home every two years, to see if any problems are developing, which will need to be sorted out.

The work covered by this maintenance package even includes any work needed to the roof, including replacing any roof tiles or fixing structural problems.

The package doesn’t include internal aspects of a park home, such as kitchens or bathrooms, but is pretty comprehensive when it comes to maintaining the exterior. As well as the roof, items covered by this package on the exterior of a home include the chassis, facias, walls, guttering, window and door seals.

For example, if cracks or splits form in the exterior panels of your home, these will be fixed for free, plus any issues with water ingress or damp will also be sorted out for you, with no extra financial worries.

For those who want real peace of mind, a maintenance package like this seems like a great idea. Just contact the company yourself if you want full details about what’s covered as part of this package.

One-off jobs
As well as offering this maintenance package the company does, of course, carry out all the usual one-off repair and maintenance jobs that might be needed on a park home. So, even if you don’t want to sign up to the package, you can still get a quote for any work that may need doing.

The range of work the firm can carry out is pretty comprehensive, even including the complete refurbishment of a home, with a new roof, wall panels and finishes plus any chassis work that is needed.

If you want to give your home a new look Park Home Shield can add uPVC cladding, guttering and facias, as well as underfloor insulation and even specialist chassis coatings to protect your home’s underpinnings.

In fact, one of the areas the company specialises in is looking after the chassis and underfloor of a park home. It explains that up to 30 per cent of the heat loss from any park home is under the floor, so special under-floor insulation can make a home feel both warmer, but also quieter, thanks to the sound insulating effects.

Nationwide coverage
The company offers nationwide coverage so, wherever you are, you can call to quote for any work that may be needed to your home, as well as sign-up for the maintenance package if you want. Just call or check out the website and send an email if you want to find out more.

For more information about Park Home Shield, please contact the company on:
T: 0113 2709488
W: www.parkhomeshield.com