We find out about Watts, a company with an innovative solution to your hard water issues

The problem with hard water is that it damages pipes, plumbing and appliances in park and holiday homes like yours in areas across the UK.
Managing limescale is an ongoing challenge. The destructive calcium deposits not only look unsightly and damage your kettle or washing machine, but they also increase your energy bills unnecessarily by stopping your heating system from working effectively. Which, in this time of unprecedented energy price rises, is an additional cost that nobody needs.

Scaling back
So, how can you stop the scale-related costs from mounting up and protect your park or holiday home from further limescale damage?

The experts at Watts have been engineering innovative solutions through their expertise in a wide range of water technologies since 1874. Watts’ products improve comfort, safety, and quality of life for people around the world.

The team at Watts developed the innovative Kiwa-approved OneFlow® system to provide unrivalled protection from scale formation, without the costs of traditional water filtration methods. It also avoids introducing unnecessary chemicals or detergents into the environment. The compact, single cartridge system is easy to install and so efficient that, over time, it can help reverse existing scale problems on your plumbing system, as well as extending its life without harsh chemicals.

‘Fantastic benefits’
Juliana Paradello, OneFlow® product champion at Watts, explained: ‘We know how proud you are of your beautiful park and holiday homes. Nobody wants to waste energy or spend time cleaning limescale from the bathroom, which is why we’re sharing the fantastic benefits that OneFlow® can bring to your home.

‘By efficiently removing the scale deposits, OneFlow® not only improves the taste of hot drinks like tea or coffee but it also increases the foam in bubble baths, and helps to keep your kitchen and bathroom cleaner by removing unappealing scale deposits from the water before it can build up on the plumbing or sink.’

It’s affordable to run as there are no associated electric or water cost either. Plus, thanks to its simple system composition, it doesn’t need salt bags or other chemicals added to maintain it. All the vital minerals remain in your water, so you have great tasting water with its natural goodness, plus the lack of additives and chemicals mean it is suitable for any plumbing system, even septic tanks.

Find out more
Juliana added: ‘If you’d like to learn more about how OneFlow® can benefit you and protect your park or holiday home, visit our dedicated website at www.oneflow-watts.co.uk or contact me directly on juliana.paradello@wattswater.com. I’ll be happy to demonstrate how we can improve water for you and protect your home from limescale damage.’

Info point
Watts Industries UK Ltd is at: Colmworth Business Park
Eaton Socon, St Neots, PE19 8YX
T: 01480 407074
W: www.oneflow-watts.co.uk