With a capacity for over 300 people, the Club Complex, which includes restaurant, lounge bar and a games room amongst other leisure areas, is just one of the unique facilities on this park. The site also offers the opportunity to enjoy outside activities including play area, football pitch and fishing lake.

Wyldecrest Parks is already working on the development programme to improve its unique facilities. ‘We’re looking forward and have already allocated a £1.5 million budget for the park’s upgrade over the next two years,’ explained Alfie Best, who also adds that the money will be spent with local contractors and the company will look to employ seven people to run the new acquisition. ‘This park will be a heavenly retreat for people to both live and holiday,’ he added.

The Essex-based company, valued at £200 million, is one of the biggest mobile park home operators in the UK and is set to become the largest in the country by the end of this year. The company, owned by the successful Romany Gypsy entrepreneur Alfie Best, has added 14 parks to its portfolio just in the last year, and now boasts 44 residential and holiday mobile home parks spread across the country, and expects to spend up to £17 million on new acquisitions by the end of 2015.

The company, which is the only one ISO 9001 accredited within its business sector, is also the only park home operator in the UK that has nationwide parks across England, Scotland and Wales. ‘It’s such an amazing feeling to see the business growing like this! We did some awesome park purchases during the last year. We’ve exponentially increased our portfolio and we can now offer a wide range of parks, full of quality and diversity…and there’s much more to come,’ promised the chairman.