december blogAt this time of year most of us start to think about next year’s summer holidays. Amid the cold, rain and gloom we all need something to cheer us up and warm our spirits.

While the community spirit and neighbourliness on many of the nation’s best park home estates can undoubtedly help banish the winter blues, a continential soujourn or two can also help.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about being ripped off on a time-share scheme or over-paying for a pricey apartment. Our Buying Abroad Special (see page 70) provides extensive details of a number of excellent mobile home sites in Europe. As a fan of the park and holiday home lifestyle, you already know you’ll enjoy spending time in the homes and meeting the people that own them. All you really need to do now is choose your perfect foreign park!

Closer to home, we’ve got lots more to offer. We visit parks in Suffolk, Northumberland. Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (see page eight). So, whether you’re looking for a northern, southern or eastern site – we’ve got it covered!

Last year’s Mobile Homes Act has certainly had a big impact on our community. That’s why we’ve also asked the experts at The Leasehold Advisory Service to explain how the new legislation has affected the buying and selling process. I think you’ll find it essential reading matter (see page 66).

Finally, we also celebrate the success and longevity of a brace of high-achieving home manufacturers – Omar and Tingdene. Omar has had a barn-storming couple of years while Tingdene is in the midsts of celebrating a landmark anniversary.

Enjoy your bumper December issue!

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Alex Melvin, Editor

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