‘We cleared our mortgage and moved to our dream park home!’When Mr and Mrs Holder decided they wanted to clear their mortgage and move to a park home, they were delighted to find out about Quick Move Properties’ Assisted Move service which, they discovered, could make their move easy and hassle-free.

Mrs Holder explained: ‘We saw the luxury lodges at Finchale Abbey, in Durham, and decided it would be a great place to live. The Abbey grounds are just beautiful.

‘We were searching on the internet for information about buying a park home and we came across Quick Move Properties and its Assisted Move service. We liked the idea of an easy, hassle-free move, so we got in contact with the company.

‘The team at Quick Move Properties were really helpful – they explained that they could help us to secure our park home and sell our existing property.  The funds from our property sale were used to pay for the park home and clear our mortgage, which was exactly what we wanted, and the sale of our property was timed to coincide with when our park home was ready, so the whole process went very smoothly. I’d definitely recommend the service to others. Quick Move Properties just dealt with everything. It was so easy and hassle-free.’

Assisted Move, which is available to anyone interested in buying a park or leisure home, allows movers to use the capital from their existing home to secure their move without requiring any cash up-front; facilitating a quick, smooth and hassle-free move.

Members of the public can simply tell Quick Move Properties where they’d like to live and the team will set about finding the residential park or leisure park to suit them. Quick Move Properties will then work with them to choose the park or leisure home that best suits their requirements, budget and timescales. Because the company has longstanding relationships with home manufacturers it can often reduce the timescale and speed up your move. Finally, the company will also work alongside an independent estate agent to sell the client’s existing bricks-and-mortar property.  The funds from the sale will then be used to cover their onward purchase and hopefully leave them with a little leftover to enjoy life in their new home.

Patrick Chambers, sales director at Quick Move Properties, explained: ‘The aim of Assisted Move is to take the hassle and the up-front costs out of moving to a residential park or leisure park. Because we pay all of the up-front costs, there are no estate agent’s fees or solicitor’s fees, and no deposit to pay on your new park or leisure home. You simply select the location and the property, with our expert team on hand to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.’

For more information on Quick Move Properties’ Assisted Move scheme you can call the team on 01793 840917 or visit the website at www.quickmoveproperties.co.uk.