How is an application made?

The Tribunal can now determine most applications in relation to park home matters. All of the application forms can be found on the Park Homes Advice website provided by LEASE. The website, contains a clear list of all the forms necessary to make an application; these are entitled Form PH1 to Form PH19. It is important that you read the notes contained in these forms before you complete and submit an application. The notes are jargon free and will outline what needs to be sent with the completed application form to the appropriate regional Tribunal office. On the back page of each and every application form, PH1 to PH19, there is a helpful list of the addresses and contact details of all the regional Tribunal offices in England.

Who are the Tribunal?

The Tribunal members consist of 2 types of member: (1) the chair person, who will usually be a lawyer or surveyor, they are usually responsible for the written reasons for the decision; and, (2) other members who may be lawyers, surveyors, other professional people or lay people. When a Tribunal considers a case, it will usually comprise of 2 or 3 members and it will include a chair person.

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