This article aims to provide the reader with some background information about site licences and an introduction to some of the changes brought about by the Mobile Homes Act 2013. Reference to “owner” in this article is reference to the park home owner and reference to the “site owner” is reference to the park owner or the person or entity named as the holder of the site licence.  Firstly, it is necessary to comment of the meaning of a relevant protected site.  Guidance from the Department of Communities and Local Government explains that a relevant protected site is a privately owned park where the relevant planning permission or site licence allows the land to be occupied wholly, or in part, for year round residential use. According to the Guidance this includes “mixed use” sites where there is both holiday and fully residential occupation of the pitches.

If a park home is on a mixed site and on a pitch which is intended for permanent residential use,  it is important for the owner to check that there is the relevant planning permission in place which allows the residential use of that land and there is or will be an agreement in place for the home to be lived in as the owner’s main or only residence. This will be an agreement to which the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (as amended) applies.

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