As anyone who uses a park home, mobile home or caravan knows, there’s no need to skimp on the little luxuries in life, especially when it comes to choosing comfortable furniture.

Why choose leather chairs and sofas?

For a naturally beautiful look, leather is hard to beat. Soft to the touch, yet extremely durable, leather can withstand daily use for many years, especially if you use a recommended leather care kit.

An aniline leather sofa, armchair or dining chair has a natural patina that looks good in any setting and makes every piece of furniture unique. An affordable alternative is bonded leather, which looks and feels sleek and smooth, yet is extremely hardwearing and easy to care for.

Which leather sofa should I choose?

A compact leather two-seater sofa will fit in most available spaces while offering the comfort you need, even when you’re in a home away from home. When space is restricted, a corner unit or modular sofa are also good options.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a recliner leather armchair, perfect for putting your feet up after a beach or countryside walk, or for relaxing with your favourite TV show or book.

Leather tub chairs

If you don’t quite have the space to add an armchair, a good alternative is a leather tub chair. Tub chairs offer great support and add a touch of elegance without taking up too much room.

Leather dining chairs

Although you may not have a formal dining area, you can still sit in comfort at mealtimes. You may not want to go the whole hog with a set of scroll-backed leather dining chairs, but this doesn’t mean you can’t invest in two or four simple slatted-back solid oak dining chairs with padded leather seats. For a more modern park home, consider a stacking leather chair in a bold colour. These take up less room than most dining chairs and can be easily stacked out of the way when not in use.

Put your feet up

A leather footstool might not be at the top of your list of must-have furniture, but it’s a very useful and practical item. You can put your feet up and it will give you extra seating for visitors, especially youngsters, as well as offering additional storage, which is always useful when space is as a premium.

Will it fit?

Buying from an online supplier allows you to choose your furniture from the comfort of your home, rather than trekking round the shops. However, you should make sure you choose a reputable furniture supplier with good reviews on independent sites such as Trustpilot and Ebay. They should also have a knowledgeable team who can advise you as to whether the furniture you order will fit through your doors and into the available space.

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