April blogSpring is almost upon us and, like many others at this time of year, my thoughts inevitably turn to giving my home a seasonal refresh. If you’re of a similar mind, our comprehensive specialist suppliers and services directory will make for indispensible reading.

Unless you own a park home, or have spent time researching the subject, you might not realise how essential it is to engage the services of a specialist operator. Virtually every aspect of park home living – whether it be refurbishment, interior decoration, insurance, legal help and advice or garden design – requires some form of expert knowledge.

If you opt for a refurbisher who’s not familiar with the construction of a park home, you could run into some serious problems. Fit the wrong type of replacement window frame, for instance, and the excess weight could unbalance the structure of your park home (odd-leg frames are what are required, in case you were wondering).

Go for a decking company with no understanding of park home legislation or regard for site rules and regulations and the outfit could unwittingly put you in breach of the six-metre rule (by law, there must be at least six metres’ space between neighbouring park homes). There are many other examples I could cite. Suffice to say, our specialist directory (see page 51) could save you a lot of aggravation!

As well as our 33-page directory, there’s plenty more to enjoy in our April issue. Continuing the spring renewal theme, we bring you a striking park home transformation by Residentiel Vinyl.

We’ve also got an exciting new columnist joining the team! Chris Wildgoose, a park resident at award-winning Pant Mawr, in Harlech, explains more about life at the Welsh park and why she loves it in her maiden article for PH&HC. Read her debut offering in full this month.

Enjoy the issue!

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