The authority can refuse to grant a licence only if it knows that the park owner holds a licence that has been revoked in the previous three years. From 1 April this year, the Mobile Homes Act 2013 will introduce significant changes to the site licensing regime which will enable authorities to refuse to grant a licence or approve the transfer of a licence. In making its decision, a local authority will be required to have regard to certain matters in the regulations before it grants a site licence or approves the transfer of a site licence.

New proposals
The DCLG proposes that the prescribed matters should include:

  • Whether the applicant has an interest or estate in the park;
  • The competence of the applicant or management to run the park;
  • Any funding arrangements in place on the park such as arrangements for meeting the site licence conditions;
  • Whether there is any proposed or current enforcement action against the park;
  • Whether there are proposed or current proceedings to revoke the site licence;
  • Whether there are any outstanding sums in connection with enforcement action, licence fees or local authority costs for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the residents.

The discussion paper also includes the DCLG’s proposals for an appeals procedure and compensation orders. We hope to bring readers news about the outcome of the consultation and the measures to be put in place in our next issue.


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