But even if you’re not looking to move into a new park home or buy a new lodge, you can still glean plenty of information by attending the NEC event. There will be many specialist refurbishment companies and other service providers on hand to talk over how you can improve you mobile home, save money or refresh its look and feel.

On top of this, we’ve got an in-depth review of the recent Manchester Show where there was lots going on. Our four-page walk-through summarises the best aspects of this ever popular event and provides more information about all of the highlights in case you either attended and wanted to find out more or missed the show and wanted a quick run-through of things.

But it’s not just show-based stuff we’re turning our attention to this March. We visit some stunning residential park sites in Berkshire, Kent, Dorset and Gloucestershire, so if you’re looking for a place in the Home Counties, the east coast or the south-west, you’ll be delighted by our selections (see page 10).

If it’s new homes you’re after, we have full reviews of models by Omar and Pathfinder, with Country Homes examined in a nutshell (see page 30).

Finally, while you wait for the dawning of spring, don’t miss our top ten choices of tourist hotspots to visit (see page 74). Enjoy the issue!

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