Making the move to a park home may seem like quite a step, but they are solid and strong underfoot, thanks to the strength and design of the home and particularly the chassis’ they sit on, which is highly regulated.

Gateway Chassis Solutions supplies several types of park home chassis to many leading manufacturers and is leading the way on engineering technology in the sector to maximise that strength and longevity without adding cost. You will have total peace of mind that your chassis is built to last and will never let you down, while also knowing that it’s working hard for your money.


Designed for park homes, their StrongBox™ chassis is market leading and uses box section cross members, compared to the standard c-section cross members.

It is these sections that hold the structure together and result in a more comfortable and stable home for the owner. It also means that redecorating and refurbishing the home is less likely to affect its balance on the supporting structure, so this is a chassis that will equip your home well for a long and happy future in your park home.

Chris Ramsden, Managing Director at Gateway Chassis says; “The days of park homes feeling and sounding different to traditional brick-built homes are long gone, so if you’ve dismissed the idea of park home living before, it’s worth walking back into one soon to feel the difference. Build innovations and the way park homes have been developed and improved over the years now make them feel firmer than ever underfoot. Their foundations are solid – we know because we build them, and we take great pride in making sure they’re strong and are designed to stay that way for the lifetime of the home.”

The StrongBox™ is one of many solutions Gateway Chassis Services offer for residential and leisure homes.  If you’re having a residential home built from scratch, your park or manufacturer will automatically suggest the chassis they feel is the best fit for the home, purpose and location, but they won’t mind you asking what type you will get as standard and what the upgrade options are. The chances are that their default suggestion will be perfect, but if you wanted a galvanised chassis, which offers extra protection for homes in a coastal location, then you may need to ask for it.


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