He said that his department would be talking to local authorities about the new regimes and that he was keen to work with residents’ groups, too.

He said it was vital that residents should be ‘empowered’ and that the legislative changes will make a difference in curtailing the sale blocking behaviour of rogue park owners.

Mr Prisk said that he realised new buying and selling procedures will have a big effect on the selling process, placing an obligation on the home owner to make absolutely sure that the buyer has the right up-to-date information. He added that this is a consequence of the decision to remove the right of the park owner to approve the purchaser. ‘Let me just clarify something that is important here,’ he said. ‘If a site has a set of rules in place, anyone buying a home on that site will still need to comply with those rules.

Homes cannot be lived in by those who don’t meet the site rules.’ He went on to state that if a site operator has cause to believe that someone seeking to buy doesn’t meet the rules say, due to age, the park owner apply to the Residential Property Tribunal for permission to stop the sale.


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