Is there a certain way a pitch fee review has to be undertaken?
On 26 July 2013, the Government introduced a prescribed procedure a park site owner must follow in order to increase a pitch fee.
The pitch fee has to be changed by:

1. The park site owner serving a notice to inform the park home resident of the change/increase; and,

2. The notice outlined in “1” must be accompanied by a pitch fee review form (or a form substantially to this effect).

How often does a pitch fee review happen?
The pitch fee can be reviewed or changed annually on or after the review date stated in the contract. It is important to note that a review cannot happen more than once a year.

What happens if the pitch fee review form is not served?
If the pitch fee review form is not served, it will not be possible for the site owner to increase the pitch fee.   

Can the pitch fee be reduced in any one year?
It is possible for a reduction in the pitch fee to take place. In these circumstances there is no obligation for the site owner to use the pitch fee review form, but it may be best practice for them to do so.

What happens if the pitch fee review form is not served?
It is a prescribed form to use when reviewing pitch fees. The form is eight pages long and it includes a formula which is used to calculate the fee. The explanatory notes provide guidance on how it should be calculated. 


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