The ways in which your rights improved on 26 May 2013

It was already illegal for your site owner to:

1. evict you without a court order

2. harass you into giving up your home

3. prevent you from exercising your rights, e.g. your right to sell your home. If you believe that an illegal activity has taken place, contact your local council. It can prosecute people for offences under the Caravan Sites Act 1968.

From 26 May 2013 it is now also illegal for the park site owner to:

4. give false or misleading information that would interfere with your sale.

As well as this, site owners cannot now impose rules that:

5. make you tell them that you want to sell your home or insist they have to agree to the sale

6. interfere with your right to sell

7. insist on approving your buyer. You do not have to give contact details or references, and your buyer does not need to have any contact or an interview with the site owner

8. stop you from using a solicitor or estate agent to sell your home

9. make you or your buyer carry out a survey


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