Padstow park pushes the boat outMother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park, near the Cornish coastal town of Padstow, has really pushed the boat out to raise money for a local charity. It has so far raised over £800 to support the work of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. This sum of money was the charity’s hoped-for total from the park, for the whole year, but, by the start of March, that figure was already in the pot – with the prospect of more to come. The park’s director Patrick Langmaid has just presented his business’s first donation to the organisation’s Serena Pettigrew-Jolly.

The much-needed funds were raised over the winter period by people booking stays this year at the beachside park, just along the coast from Padstow at Trevose Head.

Each visitor is asked to donate £1 to the trust, on top of the holiday cost, and according to Patrick, the vast majority were delighted to do so. But, the money raised through the visitor gifting scheme is only half of the story, for Patrick has also promised to match each donation with another £1 from his business.