october blogIt gives me great pleasure to officially reveal the winner of our second ‘freefurb’ competition, in association with park home refurbishment specialists, NuVex.

The competition, which was launched in 2015, gives park home owners with a tired or dated property in need of some TLC the chance to win a complete makeover, courtesy of NuVex and the firm’s big-hearted suppliers.

NuVex set up the competition – something new to the industry at the time – in a bid to show the park home community what ‘best practice’ looks like, and to debunk the fallacy that cowboy operators predominate.

The inaugural competition attracted such a high volume of entrants that NuVex – always keen to give something back to needy or deserving park residents – decided to offer another home owner the chance to benefit.

This year’s winner, Pamela Murch, of Briar Bank Park, in Wilstead, Bedfordshire, was delighted to win NuVex’s prize. Her 32-year-old park home was much-loved but desperately needed a new exterior and roof. Pamela, who is in her 80s, was overwhelmed by the radical transformation that NuVex produced for her.

A special word of thanks should also go to Pamela’s park operator, Berkeleyparks, and in particular Yvonne Stewart in the park office for entering Pamela and her home into the competition. This sort of kindness and thoughtful behaviour is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of a well run park and all of Berkeleyparks’ 51 sites fit into this category. To read about the full extent of NuVex’s ‘freefurb’ and find out how you can enter the third wave, turn to page 70.

Pamela’s good fortune isn’t all there is to savour in your October issue though – far from it. We bring you a whopping nine parks in seven different counties this month, with a particular focus on Dorset with two great residential sites and one holiday option to explore in that county. With such a wide scope to select from, you’re sure to unearth your dream park among our choices. Start at page 10 and let your whistle-stop tour of some of the UK’s premier locations commence!

Another highlight is our industry-wide canvas of reactions to June’s Brexit vote. We wanted to find out what leaving the EU would mean for you and our community; each and every sector of our industry has its say, making for interesting reading (see page 60)!

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