A real winter warmer!Depressing though it may seem to be thinking about the depths of winter while the sun’s shining and the autumn leaves are still on the trees, it makes a great deal of sense to plan ahead for the coldest months of the year.

That’s why we’re rebooting our popular Winter Directory for 2016 (see page 61). Many park home owners worry about keeping warm on the picturesque, but open, plains of our nation’s best sites. Some also worry about things like insulation levels compared with traditional bricks-and-mortar style housing and, consequently, the potential for higher fuel bills.

However, things are improving. If the outlook was a little chilly in places, it’s definitely starting to warm up now. The beefed up building standards that have been introduced for residential park homes just this month are clear evidence that progress is being made. For instance, insulation levels are much improved in our sector these days. Some diligent manufacturers even exceed the new, more rigorous standards, as we detailed in our feature on BS 3632:2015 in October’s issue. There are even companies like Park Home Chassis Services that will fit your home with an underfloor insulation system so every part of your park home, no matter what age, make or model, feels cosy.

It’s pioneering innovations like these that are helping to drive down fuel costs for park home owners, many of whom get by on limited disposable incomes. (We all know that it’s getting harder and harder to exist on dwindling pension pots and the derisory interest-rates available to most savers.)

In our Winter Directory, we aim to turn the spotlight on all of the specialist park and holiday home companies out there that are offering products, services or even advice, that could make your winter easier to bear. We hope you’ll start reaping the benefits and would love to hear from you if you do!

As well as our directory, there’s plenty more to get excited about this November. We’ve got some superb park sites to showcase in Warwickshire and Somerset, plus new model home reviews on stunners from Prestige, Oakgrove and Tingdene (see page 38). Prestige’s The LookOut really is an eye-catching home that is sure to turn heads, both at shows and events and, more importantly, the parks it is headed for.

Enjoy the issue and keep warm!

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Alex Melvin, Editor
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