Since Alfie’s investment, the company has already employed two new staff members, have bought new equipment and has also invested in its production facility. Now they both intend to grow their output and increase the team even more, by hiring at least ten new local employees. By the end of this year, their biggest aim is to take production from 500 pies a week to 500 a day.

 ‘I am really excited to be working with Alfie,’ said Alex Joll, Alfie’s new business partner. ‘He has repeatedly built successful businesses in the past and leads from the front with a truly inspiring enthusiasm.’

Eat Square founder got his passion (and his recipes!) from his grandmother. From the company’s kitchen at Woolley Grange Farm, just outside Bradford-on-Avon, they source products and ingredients locally for their traditional and tasty fillings and they’re able to make many thousands of pies all by hand. All the varieties can be found locally, in shops, markets and pubs, and a new online ordering service is now in place too.