Malcolm said that such homes appeal especially to people who are able to sell their bricks-and-mortar house and buy a park property with a nest-egg left over for retirement.

He told Sir Roger that more than 200,000 people currently live on residential parks across the UK, and that for the vast majority they represent a dream retirement lifestyle.

Malcolm described to Sir Roger how new legislation now in force, the Mobile Homes Act 2013, was  causing some confusion for residents and park owners alike.

Malcolm also explained to Sir Roger why he and others in his industry were opposed to a call by some park residents’ groups for a ban on the commission paid to a park when a park home is sold.

Commission income, he said, helps fund the lower initial purchase price of park homes and underwrites pitch fees.

Without it, said Malcolm, both of these costs to residents would have to rise.

He pointed out that the role of commission was fully accepted by Parliament’s Communities and Local Government Committee in its 2012 Park Homes Inquiry report.

As well as meeting various park home owners, Sir Roger was shown inside a park home which, like all properties at Keat Farm Close, also has its own garage and private garden.

Keat Farm is at: Reculver Road, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6SR.

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