May BlogOne of the many great things about the park home lifestyle is the freedom it can afford. By downsizing and getting access to that all-important extra equity, many park home converts are able to retire, or scale back their hours, and spend more time on the important things in life like family, holidays and relaxation.

While all of those things make our lives special, there should always be scope to better the mind, body and spirit. With spring now upon us, it’s the ideal time to take up a new hobby or make time for an old, perhaps long-neglected, favourite.

It’s in that spirit that – on top of some fantastic park profiles, home reviews, legal help and home improvement tips – we’re bringing you lots of fascinating lifestyle features in your all-action May issue!

First up, we’ve got a new feature and a new writer to shout about! The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ Jenny Shelton has joined the PH&HC team. Each month expert twitcher Jenny will offer great advice and top tips for attracting more garden birds to your plot, as well as recommending great products and kit to help with the job. Turn to page 24 for your first installment!

After you’ve scrubbed out the bird table and stocked up on nyjer seeds, I expect you’ll want a break? No such luck, I’m afraid! Next, we’re turning the spotlight on exercise, examining just how you can keep in trim, stimulate the old grey matter and maybe even get a little spiritual in the process. From yoga and tai chi to massage and meditation, we reveal how partaking of a little moderate exercise can help you to enjoy your park home retirement years to the maximum (see page 51).

It’s not just the body that needs the occasional workout though… The muscle of the mind also needs a bit of a cerebral flexing once in a while too! If you’re a puzzler, you’ll love our new Sudoku teasers (see page 86). Addled by early mornings spent changing a toddler’s nappy and midnight sessions supping strong real ale, I’ll confess that these brain-training grids have me stumped but I’m sure our erudite readership will make short work of them! As if that wasn’t enough, our intrepid cartoon park homers, Ted and Tilly, are also busy solving more DIY and garden-related conundrums for you this month (see page 86). This Tingdene Homes’ sponsored strip is meant to provide inspiration, as well as advice, for those enjoying this wonderful lifestyle. Enjoy!

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