2 Add necessary improvements
As mentioned above, some park homes or holiday homes are in areas liable to flooding and, in this case, it may be worth taking steps to protect your home, to reduce your premium. You can even go as far as putting specially-designed air-filled containers under your home, so that it rises up off the ground during a flood. You may also get discounts if you improve aspects like your home’s security but, since park home sites are generally considered safe locations, this might not make too much of a difference to your annual premiums.

3 List any valuable contents
If you have individual items of high value in your home, it may be best to have these separately listed when you take out home contents insurance. It may even be worth thinking of ‘new for old’ cover on items which would cost a lot more to replace brand new, if they were damaged or stolen. Otherwise, you may find you don’t get paid enough to replace the item.


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