july blogThere’s no doubt about it, the looming EU referendum has caused some prospective property buyers to become a bit jittery. Despite plenty of passion, supported by statistics of dubious quality on both sides, nobody really knows whether we’ll be better off if we stick or twist (economically speaking that is).

With this cloud of uncertainty looming large, is it any wonder that those considering buying have become more cautious? I should know: the expected quick sale of my north London flat has still not materialised. I’ll be very happy when 23 June has been and gone, whether ‘Brexit’ happens or not!

However, amid this turbulent political and economic landscape, the picture in the park and holiday home world has been mercifully brighter.

As I write this, the industry has been gearing up for its big annual event, The World of Park and Holiday Homes Show, at Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire. Just after this, there’s the hotly anticipated Royal Highland Show, just outside of Edinburgh. Business is booming in a way that the bricks-and-mortar market could only currently dream about. While the two are clearly linked, a cursory comparision of the mobile home and bricks-and-mortar sectors soon shows why the former is outperforming the latter. The key? Whether the market’s hot or cool, park and holiday homes represent great value, normally selling for tens of thousands of pounds less than equivalent brick-built detached bungalows in any given part of the UK. There are some astonishing bargains to be had – as our July issue focus on Scotland reveals (see page 58). We profile some of the best parks north of the border. There are great deals to be had on new show homes or pre-owned alternatives. We also explore some bargains in England too – Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Sussex to be precise (from page 26)!

So, if you can live in your dream location for a fraction of the cost of bricks-and-mortar, it means you can probably afford to do a deal on your brick-built home, if you need to sell. (There are also some excellent part-exchange companies in our industry who can help speed things along for you too. In fact, we profile one on page 16.) Throw in the unique community lifestyle you’re buying into and it’s easy to see why our market’s still doing so well!

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