What about the interest rate: is it fixed or variable?
It can be either. With a fixed-interest loan the rate stays the same throughout the whole term of the agreement. With a variable-interest-rate loan, the rate is linked to the Finance House Base Rate (FHBR), which itself is variable.

What do I need to know about sub-letting my home?
You need lots of good publicity (e.g. a good website); also booking forms, a gas test certificate, back-up (both in personnel and records), effective financial control, high standards of cleanliness, a clear-cut policy (on pets for example), and proper terms and conditions. Also, don’t forget to inform your holiday home’s insurer. Some parks will take the stress out of things by sub-letting your home for you.

Can I save money by not taking out insurance cover?
We would not advise it. If you do so, you risk not only losing the contents but also the complete holiday home with nothing to show for all that expense afterwards!

Where can I find the best insurance deals?
As when buying most things, it pays to shop around, not least on the internet, which is the easiest, quickest and most time-effective way of comparing prices.