Alex MelvinI love hearing about your experience of the park home world. This month there are lots! We visit Hyde Park, in Cambridgeshire, to meet Vince Price. Vince recently purchased a Tingdene Chiltern home on the pretty park. He came to the park lifestyle by accident, having previously been sceptical. However, Vince changed his opinion after impressive service from both Tingdene and the park operator. His story is typical of many park home novices – initial concern based on long out-dated ‘caravan’ stigmas, superseded by tangible excitement at the quality of the homes and the parks. As Vince outlines, he could not have achieved a similar standard of living in the same area with bricks-and-mortar. Vince offers readers his own practical help and advice when buying. To this I’d simply add: the best way to banish doubts is to get involved; visit parks, visit show centres, visit shows. You won’t be disappointed.

Then, there’s the incredible story of Eileen and George Marchant who moved back to Foxhunter Park, in Kent, 15 years after emigrating to Australia. What drew them back? The park home lifestyle! It just goes to show, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have your dreams fulfilled. Sometimes the best option is a lot closer to home!

Alex Melvin