Nearly three-quarters of Britons are planning to go on at least one holiday in the next year despite the rising cost of living – up 14% in just over 6 months.  However, 1 in 3 UK adults are now more likely to opt for ‘staycations’ in the UK instead of a holiday abroad over the next year, concludes a new study of public data.

The new research by Cofton Holidays, which reveals new insights from the Office of National Statistics and Visit Britain, highlights UK adults’ travel, leisure, and work intentions for 2023 and beyond. With inflation still high, the research shows how behaviours and attitudes are changing as 74% of UK adults believe that the ‘worst is still to come’ from the cost of living crisis.

3 in 4 planning a holiday next year as demand rises by 14%

Ahead of 2023 the proportion of Britons intending to go on at least one holiday in the next year has risen by 14% within just 6 months. The intention to take a break to a UK destination shot up to 73% from 59%. The proportion of UK adults planning a holiday abroad within the next year also rose to 57% – up from 43%.

63% plan to sustain or increase the frequency of trips in 2023

The research suggests that most Britons are unwilling to forgo having a holiday during the cost of living crisis. Within the next year, 63% intend to take just as many or more trips than they did last year. 1 in 4 UK adults are already planning to increase their number of UK breaks over the next year. Just under half (46%) of Britons plan to take at least the same number of holidays abroad as they did last year – although nearly a third (31%) think that the frequency of their trips abroad may decrease.  More than 1 in 3 UK adults (34%) said that the likelihood of them going on UK breaks over an overseas trip had increased compared to before Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis.


  1. Easier to plan
  2. Cheaper
  3. Easier to travel to
  4. A good option to avoid chaos at airports
  5. A way to avoid uncertainty around travel restrictions in other countries

Nearly 9 in 10 disagreed with the idea that the cost of living crisis would lead to them being likely to take fewer UK breaks over the next year.

Chris Jeffery, Director at Cofton Holidays, commented: ‘Given the pressures on peoples’ home and work lives since Covid-19 it is understandable that most are simply unwilling to forgo a holiday in 2023 – even as their wage packets are squeezed. However, there are signs that people are considering the option of more short UK breaks over holidays abroad. The reduced cost is a major driver of this, however shorter travel times and the opportunity to get away at multiple points throughout the year is also a draw as people prioritise having a healthier work-life balance. Given these findings, we are introducing new weekend breaks with late Sunday checkouts – so that holidaymakers can make the most out of mini breaks with us without having to use up too much annual leave.’