For instance, you can take the family pet, saving you plenty of money or hassle to find it alternative accommodation while you’re on your jollies. You can spend more valuable time with your family, having fun instead of enduring the hassle of airports and train stations. You don’t even need to put up with losing more money to rather unscrupulous money exchanges, which tend to make plenty of money from transferring your money both to and from your chosen currency – and that’s before you realise the poor exchange rates levelled against UK travellers.

While motorhomes provide more luxury from a fixed location, caravans are a traveller’s dream and allow for plenty of movement, making a week-long holiday a potentially fantastic tour of what makes Britain great – and why events like the Olympic Games are sent to the country. Whether you’re exploring the Highlands, the Lake District, the many castles of Wales or simply taking it easy on the extensive beaches and around the idyllic villages of Cornwall, you can engineer a space that’s perfect for you and do it with the people you’re closest to.

Wherever you choose to go, you’ll realise just how much money, hassle and entertainment worries you’ll solve. On your own budget and with no fixed location, you can enjoy a holiday in 2012 wherever you like – even if you’re just outside of the capital enjoying the scheduled events that headline the year!