We take a look at what’s been released in the past 12 months and what’s in store for the coming year. It certainly looks like another exciting year ahead!

Well, 2022 saw another slightly unusual year for new model releases with many manufacturers focusing more on production and output than refreshing their entire ranges, but quite a few have kicked back in this year with a significant number of new models and refreshes for 2023. Of course, the fallow period was partly due to Covid downtime (when much forward planning might have been done), ongoing supply issues, and uncertainty at the time over shows and events for the period ahead. That’s all firmly behind us now, and things have started to return back to a bit of normality in the new models world. That said, there are also manufacturers who have several refreshes in one year, and then very few changes the next, and that’s a normal rotation for them.

Due to the massively increased demand for leisure homes thanks to the resurgence of the great British staycation, many new manufacturers have popped up over the past 12 months to meet this burgeoning demand. Not all of these new names have gone with the traditional route of designing lodges and holiday homes as we know them, and we’re seeing some pretty innovative designs hitting the marketplace. The flip side of this leisure boom is that there have been fewer new residential homes launched this year. That said, we are thrilled to have so much to report on again now across the board, with diverse options available for buyers and plenty of new models from much-loved brands for the season ahead.

Emerging trends
Not a trend so much as an overall direction, there’s been a marked push towards environmentally-friendly models, and news of what appears to be the first ‘net zero’ lodge in production. Most manufacturers have been embracing the challenge head on and, behind the scenes, we are hearing of key innovations that might well be integrated into homes during 2023 to help bring down running costs, although quite a few homes already have energy saving elements incorporated, with the option of more. Build materials are changing, and with the arrival of several new manufacturers to the scene, we are starting to see the exteriors changing in appearance as much as the interiors.

Internally, although blue kitchen cabinets have appeared for a little while now, we are seeing some of the designs expand on that as a theme to be bolder throughout the rest of the homes, and they’ve done it in different ways, which has been interesting to watch. Manufacturers have also paid close attention to pricing, ensuring that they each have a model that is as accessibly priced as possible, but with some clever low-cost visual touches still making them feel special. At the other end there’s clear, unabashed opulence in some of the higher end models, with hi-tech elements, an abundance of glazing and no fear of putting a little money in key places to create a huge amount of added impact.

Another common theme starting to run through some of the newly released models is that of 20th century styling with a hint of art deco in the detailing, and those are particularly striking. That follows a decade where the interiors have dabbled with a combination of contemporary and retro styling pretty successfully, so this takes the visual a clear step further into another bold new era.

The past couple of years have seen plenty of Scandi vibes in the interiors too, playing to clean lines and the ‘less is more’ mantra, combined with the ‘hygge’ feel of cosiness delivered through fabrics and furnishings in moderation. This plays well to a keen pricing structure, and pairs well with on-trend natural green and leafy prints. It will be interesting to see if more dark green kitchens follow on from the fashion for blues, tying in all three elements for a next phase of releases for 2024.

So, there’s plenty to see in 2023, with a promise of even more innovation and energy-saving elements being built-in for the future. With so many new manufacturers on the scene, we expect to be continually surprised by both the conventional and unconventional this year!


The Santorini, Aspire’s latest lodge, takes inspiration from its namesake isle, characterised by simple and romantic aesthetics and a Mediterranean feel. Light and warm tones are used throughout the home, as well as the extensive use of natural materials. It combines boldness, simplicity, and convenience. This luxurious lodge is based on the concept of ‘less is more’, creating open space, but with a sense of cosiness added through textures and finishes.

The Santorini, in typical Aspire style, turns lodge design on its head, or rather side, with a lounge looking out to one side and wraparound seating that actually allows the occupant to look out of views to the front elevation too from the lounge seating. A kitchen with island units has an adjacent dining table that also looks out to the front of the lodge, so this is clearly a stunning model designed for the best plots on parks where views can be enjoyed on both sides. As this was released earlier in 2022, we don’t think it’ll be long before Aspire follows it up with another stunning new model in 2023.


Atlas has an extensive range and the company added to it for 2022 in the form of the Sahara, Jasmine Lodge and Oakwood Lodge. There’s lots of space to really chill out on the L-shaped seating in the Oakwood Lodge and, whichever of the floorplans you choose, the large, light and airy open plan lounge, kitchen and dining space has a refreshing layout and uplifting feel. There are some great features here: we love the cheery yellows in the soft furnishings, the clever shelving in the dining area and floating media and drawer unit. The kitchen island unit offers useful additional surface space and storage, and in the master bedroom a sliding mirrored door offers access to a large en suite shower room. The Jasmine Lodge was a great addition with light wood panelling in the living areas which made it feel huge in holiday home terms. New for 2023 is the refreshed Status – so new that it was being photographed just as we were going to press, so that’s a fresh new arrival to look out for in the early months. Indeed, we hear that the coming year will be a big one for Atlas with the entire range being updated.


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