Bella Brodie reports on an entry-level lodge that’s cosy and comfortable and available as a twin or single in three stunning interior design themes…

Following hard on the heels of the new Kingfisher lodge’s very successful launch, Omar has now launched another striking lodge model that offers more choice than ever to a major chunk of the buying market. Despite the entry-level price point, the Breckland lodge can also firmly lay claim to the luxury lodge title and feel.
Like the Kingfisher, this is a model that will have universal appeal, and with that accessible price point, we think it could well become a very popular, solid ‘go-to’ model for buyers to choose as their starting point.

About the name
Breckland is a district that crosses the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk, so this is a model which is particularly well-grounded for Omar. Living in this area myself, I also think it’s the perfect name for this lodge as the area is so diverse in habitat and landscape that there’s something for everyone here. From gorse-covered sandy heaths to the rich greens of the Scots Pines forest, through to the ancient pingos and water features on the Peddar’s Way, this area is not only diverse visually but it’s also rich in biodiversity, with protected status for conservation and thought of as a massive nature reserve. In short, it’s a bit of an understated treasure that doesn’t need to shout loudly to pull in visitors recognising its worth.

The multi-dimensional experience
I always think the phrase ‘bringing the outside in’ is a bit quirky as I would prefer to see the internal feel of many lodges extend further into the external surroundings sometimes, which is why I love the fact that the Breckland will work refreshingly well in the opposite direction as the perfect scene-setter for any park.

After all, most turning up to a lodge will get their whole ‘holiday vibe’ from walking through the door and soaking up the ambience within before they start to explore the park and area it’s on.

So, for parks wanting their lodge to start to work straight away as part of the overall experience, the Breckland will work well. In addition to the pastel theme here there are further woodland and highland themes, so there’s a Breckland lodge for any UK location, and parks will no doubt choose a version which matches their location best; coastal, woodland or heathland to help set the ‘vibe’ for the occupant.

Accommodation and layout
The model shown here is a twin unit, with two bedrooms and an en suite shower room to the master. An entrance lobby leads to a living area, incorporating the lounge, diner and kitchen, and all models have a family bathroom. There are several sizes available and several slightly different layouts, with the variables mostly relating to the bedroom and bathroom areas.

The smallest dimension for a single unit Breckland is 28ft x 12 and the maximum
65ft x 22; for a twin unit, the smallest is
32ft x 20 and the largest 65ft x 22.

These are pretty important figures, as they demonstrate that, whatever the plot size, there should be a Breckland lodge option to suit.

External appointment
Built to full residential standard BS: 3632, with low-maintenance CanExel cladding (available in a range of colours), French doors to the lounge area and extended soffits, the Breckland is the perfect introduction to luxury lodge living.


Key Features

● Flexibility of size and configuration.
● Practical entrance area.
● Three gorgeous interior design themes to choose from.
● Extended soffit overhangs to exterior.
● Vaulted ceilings throughout.
● Feature cladding in the lounge.
● Walk-in wardrobe and en suite in selected layouts.


Omar Park & Leisure Homes is at:
Pleszko House, London Road,
Brandon, Suffolk IP27 ONE
T: 01842 810 673

Read the full report in the February 2021 issue of Park Home & Holiday Caravan